Prince (the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince … look it up) has recently past away.  With his passing there have been a ton of articles written about him.  One that I found particularly interesting was one about his dislike for profanity. At his studio, Prince […]

Prince was Against Profanity

Apple has new cool software when it comes to clean music. They are patenting a program that censors music on the fly. It identifies profanity and then replaces it with a beep, nothing, or replacement audio of some sort. That alternate audio could be a snippet of instrumental music taken from a […]

Apple’s Swearing Removal Patent

Are you a fan of the musical Grease?  Maybe you saw the recent TV version? Notice the lyric changes? Apparently some of the phrases in a number of songs were changed to be more family friendly.  I had no clue that some of those words and phrases were in the […]

Grease Lyric Changes

It looks like Youtube is going to rate music videos by age. That could definitely help keep one from stumbling across racy music videos. Isn’t it too bad when there is a ‘good’ song, but then watching the music video scars you? If you’re interested in checking out this feature, […]

Music Videos Rated in Youtube

Lyric Scanner has now been launched! This is a website that scans the lyrics of your favorite songs, looking for objectionable content. If it come across something such as profanity or apparent drug use, it returns a brief report highlighting these topics of controversy. We strive to make this website […]