A note from the web developer:

Why was this website made? I couldn’t find one like it, so I made it.

Like many other people, I find some music offensive. There are lyrics out there that I don’t feel comfortable listening to. I’m a religious guy. I don’t like to listen to profanity, I don’t like to listen to people sing about sex, I don’t like to listen to songs about getting drunk, etc. I know that there are tons of wholesome songs out there, but it can be somewhat of a challenge to find them. It is time consuming to scan through the lyrics of catchy tunes to make sure they are appropriate to listen to. I get discouraged and give up a lot of times.

That is where this website comes in. It does the painstaking chore of scanning through the lyrics for you. It then reports whether there is anything objectionable within the song. Sweet huh? Just what I have needed! I think it is just what a lot of people have needed. This helps out the involved parent who is concerned about what’s on their child’s IPod. This helps out the guy trying to impress his date with a tasteful playlist. This helps out the DJ that is gathering appropriate songs for the school dance.

Like I said, I know that there is a lot of good music out there. Now we can finally find it!